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Below, you will find a search box which will search all current listings in the Kerrville real estate MLS. Whether you are searching for commercial, residential, land and lots or farms and ranches, this tool will help you find those properties. If you don't find the property you seek, please call Kerrville Realty at 830-896-2200 and we will be glad to help!


Kerrville Realty welcomes you to our comprehensive Kerrville real estate website. No other site provides more detailed Kerrville real estate market information than you’ll find here. 

For buyers there is detailed area and neighborhood information and a complete listing search page. For sellers we provide information and data to help you to prepare your home for marketing and to accurately price your property to sell.

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The Kerrville real estate market is made up of diverse and interesting communities and neighborhoods. We’ll share information about each of them and help you narrow your search to discover the very best for you.


5 Common Buyer's Remorse Culprits

October 13 2015

Help your home buyers avoid post-purchase regret. Here are some common factors that often spark buyer’s remorse. 


Study: Most Buyers Fail to Shop for a Mortgage

October 13 2015

Most Americans consider themselves bargain hunters and say they thoroughly research prices online before purchasing an item. However, when it...


Study Reveals Concerns Over Scraping on Sites

October 13 2015

The real estate industry is increasingly alarmed by the prevalence of web scraping of real estate web sites, the unauthorized use of listing data...


First-Time Buyer Share Edging Up

October 13 2015

Sustained net job creation, a low interest rate environment with 30-year fixed rates at below four percent for most of 2015, and better pricing of...


Infographic on Home Improvement Etiquette

October 13 2015

Many people are unsure about the common etiquette when working with contractors who are renovating your home. For example, do you tip or don...

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